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Factory Finished
Pinewood Furniture offers a wide selection of already finished furniture in a variety of different colors from our manufacturers who offer finished product.


We offer an outstanding selection of unfinished furniture, which is our specialty. Many of our customers choose to finish their own furniture, which can help make their selections even more affordable, offers the satisfaction of their own workmanship, and gives the option of utilizing colors we may not carry. We sell high quality American made finishing supplies from General Finishes in Wisconsin.


Custom Finished
We are happy to finish your new furniture for you if that is your preference, and hope you will enjoy it for years to come. We use the same quality products that we sell in our store, and offer 27 stain and 24 paint colors. We will also use customer supplied paint or stain as long as it is compatible with our finishes. Your furniture will be ready to use when you receive it from us, however, the topcoat will be fully cured in 30 days. For this reason, we ask that you treat it gently for the first.


We do all of our custom finishing in house which allows us to have complete control of the finishing process.  


Here are the steps we follow:

  • First, the piece is examined and necessary disassembly is done. All drawers, doors, and hardware parts are numbered and labeled to ensure that they go back to the right place when reassembled.
  • Next, hand and power sanding is performed to ensure a smooth and flawless surface to receive the finish. Any imperfections are filled or treated at this time.
  • The stain is hand applied, or if you have chosen paint, the color is sprayed on.
  • With a stained item, when thoroughly dry, the first topcoat is evenly sprayed over the colored surface. After drying completely, the entire piece is hand buffed and then hand rubbed to remove dust. This process is repeated for a total of three coats of an environmentally friendly clear satin polyurethane finish.
  • With painted finishes, 2-3 coats of paint and 1-2 topcoats of an environmentally friendly clear satin polyurethane are applied with hand buffing and rubbing between each coat.
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